Masking and vaccine mandates have upset many people in the Yakima Valley and throughout the state of Washington.


If you’re upset and want a chance to speak out you’re invited to what’s being called Yakima County Freedom Rally round 2. The rally is set for Saturday at Yakima’s Chesterly Park from 2:00PM TO 4:00PM. The park is located at 40th Avenue and River Road. Organizers say the rally is for anyone who believes in medical freedom and who is against mandates. They say no one should be forced to inject something in their body in order to keep their job. Many are concerned the mandates will grow and eventually lead to a state mandate and possible lockdowns.


It’s the second rally held this month. The first rally at Chesterly Park drew hundreds of people including many local medical workers and first responders. Governor Inslee isn’t giving medical workers a choice. The governor on August 9 made it mandatory for state employees and most health care and long-term care workers to get the shot. They must be vaccinated by October 18 or they will be lose their jobs. Hospitals in the state say they expect some medical workers to step down rather than be vaccinated at a time when many hospitals are being overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases.

Other rallies and protests are expected in Yakima County and around the state as more masking mandates are ordered by local and state government in Washington.

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