Political parties who want to monitor voter drop boxes in Yakima County have the right to do that as long as the monitoring doesn't intimidate voters. That from Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross who says he and other auditors around the state are being warned of signs appearing on drop boxes in King County.

No signs have been found on Yakima drop boxes

The signs say "under surveillance" and local state officials consider the signs as a form of voter intimidation which is illegal. Ross says observers are always welcome at drop boxes anywhere in the state. The observers are usually part of a coordinated effort by a political party and they've informed the county auditor of the action. All they can do is observe. They can't interfere with voters or staff or place signs or messages on ballot boxes.

King County officials are now working with the prosecutors office

Ross says there's never been a problem at any of the drop box sites and he says no signs have appeared on the boxes this election season. It's different in King County. Julie Wise, Director of King County Elections recently sent a letter to auditors around the state. In the letter she writes in part "as you have likely seen in the news, there has been a coordinated effort across King County to place "under surveillance" signs at all ballot drop box locations. I have conferred at length with our Prosecuting Attorney's Office and Executive on this matter. Not only are these signs misleading and intimidating, they are illegal. I've directed my team to remove and document them as they find them."

Drop boxes are located all around Yakima County

The letter was sent to inform other auditors and watch drop boxes for anything that could intimidate voters.
If you have voted Ross says don't forget to sign your ballot before you drop it in the mail or in a drop box. Drop boxes are located throughout the county check the website for more information. https://www.yakimacounty.us/1136/31252/Where-to-return-your-ballot-and-accessib

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