Your chance comes on Saturday to double your $20 donation to a Salvation Army Red Kettle in Yakima.

The Red Kettle Campaign raises upwards of $100,000 each holiday season

Each year during the holidays the Yakima Salvation Army raises needed funding through its Red Kettle Campaign. The campaign raises more than $100,000 each season with all the money staying in the Yakima Valley to be used to support the Salvation Army of Yakima’s food bank, student food security services, family services, various Christmas help and year round youth programming.

Your $20 donation will be doubled during the Red Kettle Challenge

On Saturday, December 11 the Salvation Army of Yakima be hosting its Red Kettle $20 Challenge. Lisa Sargent is the Yakima Salvation Army Community Engagement Coordinator sats every $20 bill, or check designated for the $20 challenge donated to a Red Kettle on Saturday will be matched up to $10,000 thanks to a local donation.
The Salvation Army Red Kettles can be found throughout the Yakima Valley. at Fred Meyer, Walmart, Rosauer’s, BiMart, Hobby Lobby, Cabela’s, and various Wray’s and Safeway supermarkets. Sargent says when you give you help the The Salvation Army serve the Yakima Valley like it's been doing since 1894. In fact The Yakima Salvation Army is the longest serving non-profit in the Yakima area.

So if you've already given to the Red Kettle's you'll have a chance to double your second donation on Saturday.

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