Whether you're new to the Yakima Valley or have lived here all your life, some people don't celebrate the little stuff. Next time you have friends from out of town visiting you can treat them to a fun adventure out around Yakima.

The list will compile fun things to do and great places to eat that people will never forget when visiting the Yakima Valley.

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5.) Miners Burger

Whether you lived in the Yakima Valley you're entire life or are new to the area you've heard about Miners. If you were born and raised here you probably think it's overhyped, but let me tell you why you should be proud of this place. Some locals claim Miners is just a novelty place but the burgers are more than just huge, they're delicious. The Fries are always hot and crispy and you get a boatload when you order a small. Any tourist or someone visiting will never forget eating here.

4.) McAllister Museum of Aviation 

There's a lot of history behind aviation and central Washington that a lot of people don't know. McAllister's Museum of Aviation will show you all the great history and more. Look at old planes and pictures of flights from way back in 1927. The history of Washington and Aviation can be explored right here in the Yakima Valley.

3.) Cowichie Canyon Restaurant 

A lot of people have their favorite spot when it comes to Restaurants in the Yakima Valley, but one I see everyone agreeing on is Cowichie Canyon. This place does some things a little different when It comes to their menu and the varieties of food they offer. But let me tell you they have a steak you'll never forget.

2.) Yakima Farmers Market 

Lucky for you the Yakima Farmers market is filled with amazing food, local vendors, and items you won't be found on Amazon. Not only that but there are two Farmer's markets in the Yakima Valley. One in downtown Yakima and the other in the Mall parking lot next to the old Sears on Union Gap.

1.) Drink'n Games

Whether you're a nerd or just love a good local beer, Drink'n Games is a great place for fun. With a well-stocked bar and old-school arcade games all around you're guaranteed to have a great time. They host multiple events throughout the week including karaoke night, guitar hero night, and a lot more!

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