**A market research firm says U.S. meat sales will reach nearly $100 billion dollars by 2021.

“Packaged Facts” reports demand for animal protein will continue to grow in the face of challenges from plant-based protein alternatives.

The study examines current and predicted topics including consumer attitudes, value-added products, and animal welfare.

With a higher price point, the report says meat will dominate dollar sales despite trailing poultry in per-capita consumption volume.

**The USDA is expanding its pilot Margin Protection Plan of Insurance to help protect farmers against unexpected decreases in operating margins.

The program is offered through the federal crop insurance program and provides margin protection for corn, wheat, rice, and soybeans. Beginning in 2018 it will be available in 11 more states and has updates designed to better clarify input costs.

The expansion also includes a harvest price option, which potentially could provide farmers greater protection.

The last day to purchase a margin protection policy for corn, soybeans, and spring wheat is September 30.

**Brazil is adopting measures to limit the import of U.S. ethanol and to protect its own sugarcane-based ethanol producers.

In a report from the Rio Times, the energy minister says Brazil will impose rules requiring ethanol importers to maintain minimum stocks of ethanol to serve Brazil’s market.

The new rules will result in importers having to invest in storage infrastructure, which, it is expected, will take some of the smaller operators out of the picture.

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