As we approach one of the most spooky times of the year, Halloween, there will be plenty of sightings of ghouls and goblins, witches and monsters, werewolves and mummies, and scary ghosts. There may even be a few UFOs reported in the skies above Washington State. After all, it's only a few miles, as the crow, or alien aircraft flies, from Yakima where the first modern-era 'flying saucer' was reported.

Yep. Back in June of 1947, as the story has been told to me by not less than a few conspiracy theorists, that a pilot by the name of Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho saw, what he described as 'Flying Saucers' near Mount Rainier. In his efforts to explain to friends back on the ground, he described what he saw as something similar to skipping a saucer along the water - like one would a rock - and thus, the 'flying saucer' terminology was born.

Screenshot via YouTube US National Archives

Now, whether it was just the power of suggestion or the fact that someone was brave enough to report having seen such things, soon after Kenneth's story spread, so did many other reports of seeing Unidentified Flying Objects. My cousin, Karl, for one, claimed up until the day he died, that he had not only seen an alien spacecraft but had been aboard one. Yeah, Karl believed he had been abducted, probed, studied, and dropped back off at home without so much as dinner or flowers. (actually, that's what we used to say to Karl in teasing him). He didn't think it was funny. He was an odd duck for sure but was, frankly, convincing in his steadfastness and devotion to the story.

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Did you know that, according to the National UFO Reporting Center, Washington State had nearly 200 official reported sightings last year 'alone? That's an incredible stat as far as I'm concerned. And what about former Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who recently said that the US Government may have evidence of UFOs, aliens, close encounters, and weapons interference and he's indicated in a new documentary 'The Phenomenon' that the evidence is out there, and there's likely been a cover-up.

Are you a believer? Karl was. Of course, there was a period of time where he thought he was French and refused to speak English. Never saw anyone eat so many snails.

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