My dog, Tater, is a Golden Retriever who will celebrate his 2nd birthday at the end of next month. It's hard to believe that he joined our family almost two years ago when he was just 7 weeks old. We couldn't be more in love with this goofy, hole-digging, hair-shedding, pond-jumping, sock-eating, snuggly animal.

Like a lot of proud parents, whether the rest of the world sees what we see or not, we're always very proud of his milestones along the way. Accomplishments that, on the surface, don't always seem so impressive to the outside world. But in the Tater's world, which is where we're living, make no mistake, he never ceases to amaze.

Last spring, he whistled on camera. This was almost as exciting as the Warner Bros. Frog singing on cue. True, the whistling was bad, almost like someone off-camera who failed under pressure to perform, was attempting to whistle. Nope. It was Tater. Really. Judge for yourself.

See. Amazing! Tater has had his own blog for quite some time now, and he's getting more and more used to the celebrity that comes with being in the public eye. Now, he's taken his march toward infamy to another level. After much grueling practice and inspiring perseverance, he's ready to unleash his piano playing skills to the world.

Yes, there is a long way to go before he can truly be considered among the greats. For example, his refusal to read and follow the sheet music and instead improvise himself silly. I admire it, but he simply must acquire the discipline necessary to make it to the next level.

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