Unbelievable! Dog Breaks the Internet by Playing Piano!
My dog, Tater, is a Golden Retriever who will celebrate his 2nd birthday at the end of next month. It's hard to believe that he joined our family almost two years ago when he was just 7 weeks old. We couldn't be more in love with this goofy, hole-digging, hair-shedding, pond-jumping, sock-…
101 Incredible Yakima Pet Photos On Cell Phones
In The Yakima Valley, we love our pets. Dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens, rabbits, snails, goldfish, snakes, the list goes on and on. I'm not certain there is data to back this up, but I'll bet that our relationships with our family pets have grown stronger and have become more important to u…
Human Food Yakima's Pets Are Obsessed With
It's pretty universal that pets, whether dog or cat or ferret or pot-bellied pig, love to eat. What seems to be a favorite, in general, among these often furry friends of ours, is that they frequently express a preference for eating whatever it is that we're eating.