In The Yakima Valley, we love our pets. Dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens, rabbits, snails, goldfish, snakes, the list goes on and on. I'm not certain there is data to back this up, but I'll bet that our relationships with our family pets have grown stronger and have become more important to us during the pandemic.

Maybe we've been driving our pets crazy by being home some much more. I doubt that though, our dog certainly seems to love to spend as much time with us as we do with him. No matter how rough your days are going, Tater, the Golden Retriever seems to instinctively rise to the occasion and is 'all in' with his love and commitment. I'm not sure if snakes or goldfish or beetles are nearly as demonstrative as this, and I know cats believe we're here for them and not the other way around. But each critter plays its part and we love them for it.

This week I randomly asked our Facebook friends to simply 'Post The Last Pet Photo You Took On Your Phone'. No matter what type of pet and no matter what they were doing, just the last photo you took and post it for everyone to see. Boy, did they.

Here's the first 101 Yakima Pets on Phones. Check them all out and then visit the Bull Facebook page to like them and post YOUR pets' photos too! We'll follow up over the weekend with more pics!

101 Yakima Pets on Phones

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