How do your pets fare during the holidays? With all of the decorations, hustle and bustle, visits by family and friends, loud Christmas music, and more than usual good smells coming from the kitchen -- do your pets embrace it? Do they get nervous? Do they act out? And, how about you dress up 'fido' in Holiday-themed-garb?

Don't be ashamed to admit it -- many people dress up their furry family members in all kinds of outfits. Christmas sweaters are ok for us, why not Spot? Puppies are already adorable - so why not increase the cuteness with a little Snowman outfit?


This crew looks less-than-excited to be photographed wearing the outfits but we sure like looking at them, don't we? I would have a hard time getting our 95 pound Golden Retriever named Tater to wear anything more than a swiftly tied bandana on his neck.

Lori Stephenson

Here is Tater this past weekend after a long afternoon of annoying his mama while she was decorating the family Christmas Tree. Takes a lot out of a puppy when he's eaten about all of the glass ornaments that he can handle.

Speaking of dogs and cats eating ornaments, I've found a couple of really helpful videos on YouTube that might just work. Also, some really fun and family-friendly craft ideas. Check them out below.

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