In case you missed it, JON PARDI's wife told him all she wants, is a cow for Christmas. Specifically, a Highland cow. They're originally from Scotland and they're not easy to come by.

He talked about it in a recent interview.  Quote, "They're big, fluffy cows, and they're very tame. Basically, they're really great in a petting zoo, and she really wants one."

Here's a link to that story in case you missed it.

This is an interesting gift choice. I mean, how many people give the gift of cow for Christmas?

It's almost as interesting as the strangest gift I have ever received one year for Christmas

It was when I was a kid. Like you, I had an “interesting” uncle who made many questionable choices, including his dating partners. This time he landed on a lady friend, let’s call her “Sybill”. Sybill’s idea of a family Christmas gift, was to get our family something we could all use. Something that is something we had talked about all year and could not wait to get under our tree.

Yep, she landed on buying our family a portable camping toilet.

camping toilet amazon

Yep, for the family that never camps and never craps outside, Sybill thought it would be a great gift idea to give us the gift of, toilet. She was so proud of her choice. Sybill even pointed out that she got us extra replacement bags. Thoughtful, no?

Isle Of White Festival 2007

MamaShow’s reaction was priceless. She pulled out a semi-genuine, “Ohhh, thank you” and looked at me with a look that could be best described as if, “What just happened?!?”

In all we were thankful for the “gift”. So much so, it stayed in the box in our garage for several years.

Anyone else receive an interesting gift for Christmas?

All My Best,

The JimShow

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