Today is international Retro Video Gameday, not just in Yakima but all around the world, but if you're looking to celebrate there are only a few places in Yakima where you can get your game on.

Of course, being the nerd I am I found all of the places you can go and play the day away. All you'll need is a pocket full of quarters, or maybe a wallet full of cash depending on how dedicated you are.

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1 Up Gaming on Nob Hill

If you love video games in general you have to check this place out, they have everything from the original pong up to the new Playstation 5 games. If you were just a kid when the super Nintendo was out you probably spent countless hours in front of the tv playing duck hunt, super Mario, or the original Madden game. All of these and more can be found at 1 up gaming. Feeling nostalgic and want to pick up the old Gameboy Color? They even carry those and the games you may have forgotten about after all these years.

Drink&Game on Yakima Avenue

Drink&Game is 21 and up, with full bar service, kitchen stocked with food, and delicious menu items you could spend a month here alone if they let you. With a pocket full of quarters, you can go dominate on streetfighter, visit the O.G donkey kong or hop on a motorcycle and take on your friends with a high-speed race. You can't go wrong with this place when it comes to gaming.

Nerds Laser Tag and Fun Center

The arcade of arcades in Yakima is family-friendly with new and old games so you can play the latest or go retro. They even have laser tag with 14 different styles of games you can play while you're there. They also have some amazing food for you to sit back and enjoy so you can refuel before you go back to gaming for the rest of the day!

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