Lillian Droniak shares content under the username @Grandma_Droniak and has quickly become one of TikTok's favorite sassy grandmas, earning bank in the process.

No topics are off limits for the viral 92-year-old granny. Droniak is happy to overshare the sagas of ex-lovers, revisit stories of when she sought revenge and pull back the curtain on her adorable outfits of the day.

Oh, and she can really dance, too!

Unsurprisingly, the TikTok sensation has amassed over 8 million followers — and she's getting paid big bucks to entertain them.

According to Slingo, Droniak earns approximately $6,401 per post.

Recently, the TikToking grandmother went full beauty influencer mode to share "exactly" how she wants her makeup to look at her future funeral.

In her video, Droniak warns her future makeup artist saying, "You better listen up!"

"If there are any marks, cover them up. This is how I want it, very light. I don't want you to cake it on, just very light," Droniak explains as she adds coverage to a minor mark on her skin.

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Even grandmas know the power of a good brow, and Droniak wants to ensure hers are defined even inside the casket.

"I don't want to get buried without eyebrows. Just light brows, very light," she continues.

Saving the best for last, Droniak — known on TikTok for her statement lip — wants to guarantee her makeup artist remembers her signature lipstick.

"Do it like this," she explains, showing a quick glimpse into how she applies her lipstick.

"I want to be ready to kiss in heaven," Droniak jokes.

Watch below:

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