Your ballot is due a week from Tuesday.
Ballots continue to trickle into the Yakima County Auditors Office for the August 2 primary election. Auditor Charles Ross says so far 11,818 ballots have been returned or 9.26% of the more than 126,000 ballots sent to registered voters in Yakima County.

Why do so many people ignore the ballot during the primary?

Ross says many people get busy and aren't paying attention to elections during the hot summer months and primary elections typically see a lower voter turnout. He expects the turnout to jump to 75 percent during the November general election. If you have voted your ballot you don't need a stamp to drop it in the mail. Drop boxes are located in many different areas in the community including a drive-up drop box located across the street from the Yakima County Courthouse on Martin Luther King. Jr. Blvd.
Don't forget to follow all the instructions and sign your ballot. Many people forget to sign a ballot. If that happens you'll be contacted by the Auditors Office to correct the situation.

If you're not registered you can sign up today there's no deadline

If you are not registered to vote you can register today at the Secretary of State's website or in the Yakima County Auditors Office inside the Yakima County Courthouse. Remember if you sign up in person you'll have to go through security at the entrance the courthouse.
If you have any questions about your ballot contact the Yakima County Auditors Office at 574-1340.

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