Flying used to be a fancy dress-up experience. I remember seeing ads in magazines that featured the flight experience to be a cozy, comforting, high-class gala event.

Now-a-days, flying is a lot of 'hurry up and wait' as we get crammed into our seats, but they do try to make it at least tolerable offering snacks and your own, personal in-flight movies.

They'll bring a couple carts out, one for drinks and one for snacks. Often times you don't get to pick your snack (sometimes, some flights, you can),and many flights offer additional snacks for purchase, but you can certainly pick your drink.

What in-flight drinks and snacks does Washington prefer?

It's one of those things I never think much about but once questioned I was curious to know how we compare to other states. surveyed over 2,000 people in the United States and asked them their preferences. See if it matches up to what you prefer.

Washington, as it turns out, prefers Coke to anything else.

Good ol' Coca-Cola. The standard.

Yes, even more than water, the overall preferred drinks for Washingtonians when traveling will grab a Coke.

If they're looking for a cocktail, they'll grab a vodka drink. I thought that was pretty interesting.

They do have juice available and the preferred juice of choice is apple. Apples are big business for Washington State so this should come as no surprise. The more apples we use, the better is it for our economy.

And in Washington the preferred snack is peanuts or nuts.

Of course, when in doubt, you can just grab something in the airport before you board.

Happy traveling!

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