Studies have shown that wearing glasses really does make you seem smarter. And if you want want to make yourself seem even smarter, start using a MIDDLE INITIAL!


A study had people rate a paper on Einstein on which the name of the writer was either listed as "David Clark," "David F. Clark," "David F.P. Clark" or "David F.P.R. Clark." And the results showed that the name with the most initials got the best ratings!

Well, I'll have to start using my full name from here on: Gunner Heathrow Gallagher Wesley Jackson. Gunner H.G.W. Jackson. I seem VERY intelligent, right? (That may or may not be my real middle name:))

How many initials do you have in your middle name? My daughter has two. I have one. I'd think the majority of Yakima residents have one. Or do you have more?

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