We've all heard someone SWEAR they'll move to Canada if today's election doesn't go the way they want.

Of course, no one actually follows through on it:  A Canadian immigration lawyer says he always gets a lot of calls after a U.S. election, but in the end, VERY few Americans actually move to Canada.

And one of the big reasons is . . . Canada doesn't necessarily WANT YOU.  It's not like they're so desperate for people that if you say, "I'm a Canadian now" they say, "Oh, that's great.  Here's your citizenship."

Americans with valid passports can visit Canada for up to six months.  But to move there, you have to get a permanent residency card, which is like a U.S. green card.

And to get one, you have to prove you're a good economic bet for Canada.  That means getting a good job there, starting a business there, investing money there, or getting a graduate degree at one of their colleges.

Then after three years, you can apply for citizenship.

And there's another catch.  Because the government provides universal healthcare, they don't want people who are TOO SICK.  So, for example, if you have cancer that's been in remission for less than five years, they may reject you.

Want another down side?  Your taxes will probably be HIGHER.  And the universal healthcare you get there is probably NOT as good as what you get from your employer here.

Also, when you move to Canada, your credit score basically starts at ZERO.  So it could be hard for you to get a home, a car, or even a credit card with a reasonable rate.

AND, on top of all that, you'll have to start liking hockey.  Might be better just to stick it out here.