Every month a new scam is floated in Yakima to try and find victims and those that work come back. That's the case in the phishing scam that's showing up in email boxes in Yakima in the form of an email that supposedly is sent from United Parcel Service.

If you get the email delete it or report it to UPS

Like other scams that try and lure people through an urgent message the scam email says "our records indicate that a shipment addressed to you may have been fraudulently signed for" it goes on to say "in order to recover your shipment, we must ask you to review the following fraud report here." The scammers are hoping you'll click on the link so they can infect your computer with malware that will steal valuable information.
If you get the UPS fraud email especially when you aren't expecting anything from the company delete it. You can also report the email to fraud@ups.com.

Other warnings will follow this fall about the upcoming holidays

Here's another warning for the near future. With the holidays around the corner Leeta Scott, director of the A-A-R-P Fraud Fighter Call Center in Washington state, says distracted consumers can fall prey to scammers more easily, so it's best to stay vigilant. Charity scams are a big problem this time of year. Scott says criminals are aware that legitimate charities are making their year-end push for donations soon so as the holiday's approach beware.

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