I've had many things hit my car since I started driving 24 years ago. Road debris, rocks, bird poop, DEAD BIRDS, frisbees, baseballs (all sorts of sports equipment for that matter). But I have never had a fish hit my car. Not even when I was driving in the ocean, or terrifying fly fishermen by doing doughnuts circling them. Especially not while the car was sitting in the drive way, not moving, and not turned on.

Well be aware if you plan to go to Virginia Beach, Virginia, that that sort of thing is happening. Recorded from a home security camera late July, you can see a fish falling from the sky, hitting the street parked car, and then flopping into the grass. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the video below, courtesy of ViralHog.

A neighbor heard what sounded like a gunshot coming from across the street. When she went to investigate, she saw fish lying in the ground, contacted the home owner, and naturally, they were skeptical. "Yeah right, a fish fell from the sky??" Luckily, they looked on their ring security video, and sure enough, saw the fish fall from the sky, dinged the spoiler, and hit the ground. At least least they have video evidence for the insurance company.

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So What Happened?

Many guesses have been made on how the fish landed where it should not have. A rare atmospheric phenomenon, like a tornado? New Amazon grocery delivery drone? The suicidal fish swam REALLY up stream and jumped? Aliens & UFO's? Maybe, although most people agree that it is most likely a predatory bird who lost it's lunch. A few in the comments section mention how you can hear a bird screech in the video.

This does remind me of a famous scene from the 2005 film Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Because of plot and movie magic, a missile is changed into a giant whale, and falls to the ground. It has many thoughts going through it's head, and that's where the comedy comes into play. "Hello ground!" You can watch the clip from that movie below.


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