On Friday (April 24th), You can get free chicken nuggets from Wendy's just by going through the drive-thru on Nob Hill Blvd in Yakima and ask for the 4 Free “Chick Nugs” offer. No need to buy anything else, just ask for the Nugs. No strings attached. It’s that simple.

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This is Wendy’s response to ‘Rona.

“Everyone has become their own hairstylist. We all need a nug. This Friday ONLY, we’re giving America a big GroupNug. Get FREE 4pc nuggets when you visit our drive-thru.” No purchase necessary. Get them NUGS!!

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Wendy’s in Yakima is open 6:30a-11p. So go get ‘em!!

Find the Yakima Wendy's Location here, if you need it!