Most of us have been there. We sit down on the couch just for an episode of something on TV and the next thing you know it's five hours later, a season and a half later, 11:30 at night and you are trying to figure out where in the heck your night went!

A new survey shows that the No. 1 thing keeping us up late at night is -- binge-watching. 88% of Americans do this!

I have never really been a big fan of reality TV shows or TV in general, for that matter, and I try not to watch shows for this exact reason. I do not like getting sucked into something that isn't real. But, I must admit I let my guard down and I got sucked into the Canadian show called "Workin' Mom." It's just that -- a show that is about a group of moms who work and struggle through life, but they make it. At one point one of the husbands cheats on his wife and I was emotionally angry at this character. Like, I talked about this person as if I knew him personally and I was taking it out on Jordan! Now, I am all done with the show and I can't wait for it to come back winter of next year! I also secretly feel like I could be friends with all of these mom characters and they would totally accept me into their mom and baby group.

Gunner recently just upgraded his iPhone to the 11 so he is living in luxury and has Apple TV free for a year. He and his wife Emily are currently into a show called "The Morning Show." No word yet on if they are hooked or not, but considering he was up an hour past his bedtime last night I think we all know what is happening here.

Lindsay called us this morning to inform us that she and her husband binge-watched 83 hours -- yes 83 hours -- of "Game of Thrones." She said she would do it all over again in a heartbeat! She did also mention that because they were so focused on getting through the episodes she felt like she really missed a lot of the story line.

Connie also called. She said she is binge-watching a show that has been out for a little while -- it's called "Heart of Dixie" and she is just loving the story and the way a narrow-minded doctor gets captivated by a small Southern town.

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