2020 has been suckin’! This throwaway year is just over half way over. I cannot wait for it to be done. Until then, we will get through it with a stab at a couple more holidays to help us endure.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. In fact, it’s right up there with Arbor Day for me.

Halloween is starting to appear on everyone’s radar. In fact, 96% of parents still plan to celebrate Halloween this year.


The question is, what does All Hallows Eve look like in 2020?

Great question. Will Social Distancing apply? If you are not wearing a Halloween mask, will you wear a Rona mask? Will you open your door to dozens of little petri dishes known as children? Will they come to your door in the first place? Well, yeah. Of course! Candy is involved.

We do know for those dressing up this year, the biggest costume will be Tiger King themed.

Tiger King


Party City says the top Halloween costumes this year will also include frontline workers, "Frozen" characters and politicians (hey, it’s an election year).Video game characters will be popular this year as well. Expect a lot of "Fortnite" costumes to hit your door this year.

Also popular this year are Front Line Medical workers costumes. Including doctors, nurses, and first responders like police officers.


Zombies and all things dead will be popular as well. Expect to see a few Nagans running around with a barbed wire bat.



As far as décor, expect to see a lot more home decorations, neighborhood parties / parades and people leaving contact free bags of candy on doorsteps.

I just hope that honor system is adhered to.


All My Best,


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