Horror movies the kind of films that cater to a certain-- audience, they are not for everyone. Myself included in the whole, not for everyone's situation, and luckily for me, I can now use this as an excuse as to why I won't watch them!

British Researches have found that watching horror films, thrillers, and even comedies can give us, age lines! Yes, the movies we love are aging us. Why? It's because of all of the faces we make while experiencing a whole range of emotions! When you get shocked and raise your eyebows you are giving yourself forehead lines, and then when you squint you get frown lines and crows feet! This one kind of sucks, because you also squint when you smile... so you are aging yourself when you are happy as well.

So what horror movies have made the most money while aging our faces? Well, coming in at number one is "Jaws" is brought in $1.154 billion, followed by the "The exorcist" which grossed $ 996.5 Million. Then, coming in at Number three and it really surprised me is "Ghostbusters" that made $641.3.

Now, this list is based of if you adjust for inflammation, you don't adjust for inflammation the first "IT" comes in at number one with $327.5 Million being made and "Jaws" drops down to number three with $260 Million. Adjusting for the inflammation makes a BIG difference!

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