This morning at the gym, I saw some guy set his cell phone on the rim of one of communal sinks while he used the urinal.  Like literally, on the rim, in the water that had been splashed by others who had washed their hands.  It grossed me out because that touches the face, handled at all times, in your kids mouth, etc. Gross, right?!

That got me thinking... what small things do people do that absolutely disgust you?

One gal called and said her husband spits a "loogie" into the kitchen sink EVERY MORNING. She says it'd be fine if it wasn't in the sink drain STRAINER for her to discover when she wakes up.

Another gal called to share a story of how her male roommate always clogs the toilet, then leaves it for her to unclog.

A few more that I have...

  • People who clip finger nails/toe nails at work or in public.
  • Sneeze in their hand or blow their nose, then immediately reach out to shake your hand.
  • Noises when they chew.

What say you?

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