Some consider the Yeti to be a myth, others consider him to be as real as the air we breathe, just because you don't see something doesn't mean it's not real...or does it? Most sightings of Bigfoot are right here in Washington State, so some would say we have a higher chance of running into the mythical creature more than others.

Since today is National Sasquatch Awareness Day we figured what better day to give some tips on what you should do if you ever encounter the giant himself. We asked a few experts and walked away with more than enough info to help you out.

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To start if you ever come across a Sasquatch you want to stay hidden if possible, make as little noise and observe from afar. Sasquatches aren't known to be violent but then again what do we know, the chance he goes after you in the wild is a theory not many ones wanna find out first hand.

Keep your calm and do your best to get a clear photo, that's right a photo of an actual bigfoot would not only solidify your fame but would make you rich as well, true proof a sasquatch could change the way the world thinks. After footage came out in the '70s of Sasquatch in Northern California, 3 men found themselves very well off and even scored fame as the men who caught footage of bigfoot, even crazier, they lived right here in Yakima, Washington.

Last but not least is if you do discover a bigfoot or Bigfoot's hiding place, make sure not to damage anything or move much when looking for that keen evidence, tracks, and more. If you want a bigfoot to stay in the same place it's best to not touch much if you plan on sending pros to check out the location. Damaging anything or leaving any trace means that sasquatch will hightail it out of there.

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