Do you listen to how some people speak today? All words have a meaning and purpose and I'm not sure how some words have crept their way into our daily speech. Like, you know what I mean. Dang it, I just did it. Saying like where I should have said something else, like do. Dang it, I did it again (Seriously.) I'm not trying to become the Wurd Police, I just want people to stop talking all weird and messing up the English language.

I saw a new Marist Poll that shows 38%of people surveyed say "Whatever" is the most annoying word in the English language. Out of the choices given: Like, You Know, Just Sayin' and Seriously. What word do you think is the most annoying word out of those five? Vote in our poll below and then like (proper use of the word like) us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and help spread the word about this poll so I can know what word the Yakima Valley thinks is the most annoying.

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