Saturday night in Zillah's Perham Hall was a night to remember, as Jim and Sam opened up for Parker Millsap. If you ever wanted to know what the environment is like in an intimate setting, Perham Hall is your chance to experience it.

Parker Millsap took the stage a little before 9 p.m., just behind Jim and Sam, who played a well-rounded 40-minute set. The acoustics in the refurbished building were perfect for the soulful old-school sound of Parker Millsap.

The stage is strategically placed with a dance floor front and center, giving any and everyone the chance to get up and dance if the music compels you to! And believe me they did! Toward the end of Parker's set, there wasn't an empty space on the dance floor!

It really is an experience to be able to be so up close and personal with an artist.

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