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Townsquare Media/Cheyenne
Townsquare Media/Cheyenne

I was pretty lucky most of my early years to be involved with band, because it forced me to have good posture. But as the years went on, I became -- well, lazy. As I put on weight, my posture got worse and worse, and even when I lost 40 pounds it was still horrible!

Now, I have to fix it. I do not want to be the girl with bad posture, I do not want to have a hunchback. I want people to see me and know that I am confident because I have great posture. So I started searching for a product that was going to help me fix the issues I have caused myself!

I did come across this one product that seems to be pretty good, but I want to get something that other people have used and swear by it! So, let me know: What posture correcting tools have you used that work?

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