While I was growing up, I always thought that the things I ate all came from the United States of America! I didn't even question the origins of some of the foods that I loved so much -- and still love!Let's take the awesome hamburger first. I always thought the hamburger came from the USA! It did not. It originated in Germany. Hamburg, Germany, to be precise. Back in the day, cooks would be refining their sausages and meats. Apparently, they made a meat tartar and that is how the hamburger was born. Danke schön, Germany!

I also love eating hot dogs! Those came from Germany as well. Just like the cooks who discovered the hamburger, the inventors of the hot dog formed smashed-up, rolled-together sausage and BOOM! The hot dog! If is kind of gross, though, that the cooks really did name it after the dachshund hound dog.

Ketchup is next! I could put ketchup and salsa on everything! I mean everything. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. But did you know that ketchup got its name from fish? Yup! It is true. The Malay word is kichap, which is a brine of fish. However, American sailors added tomatoes and voila! Ketchup!