Admittedly, a new study supports that claim. A 2012 University of Texas study found that ovulating women view bad boys as better mating partners. In 2011, researchers from Notre Dame and Cornell found a link between "agreeableness" and low earnings for men. And a poll from that same year found that women do indeed have a thing for broody boys.

When it comes to dating, perhaps bad boys have the advantage, though this study seems to find it's more about looks than anything else. But when it comes to the long haul, women do indeed fall for kindness and agree-ability.

The question is why do woman fall for bad boys?
The short answer is woman don't respect a pushover and nice guys tend to be agreeable.

Where the ladies lose out is they reject the guy who would make a better long term partner in place of an idiot who treats them like crap but they enjoy the benefit program until they get hurt really bad and realize that the nice guy is the way to go.

Ladies, do you agree?