Have you ever just jumped in your car and started driving with the notion you were going to get something awesome to eat, but didn't exactly know where you'd end up? That was me on Saturday around 4 p.m. We started driving east thinking of all the great places we have in Union Gap until it dawned on me, we also have all of these amazing places in downtown Yakima that we don't travel to nearly as often. Norm's is a place we all enjoy and it's been a while so we decided to stop by there. I'm glad we did.

There are several things on the menu I love that I've had in the past but figured I'd try something new; something I've never ordered before. Though I almost went for the shrimp and grits (my favorite) I was looking over the mac & cheese options and saw the one that stood out to me.

Cajun Seafood Mac & Cheese.

I love everything about that. That's what I'm grabbing. Along with a local pale ale, naturally.

John Riggs
John Riggs

Now, if you've never had any of the mac & cheese at Norm's, you're in for a treat as you're either leaving full or, like me, you leave full and enough leftovers for a second meal later that evening.

This had a unique color to it that screamed 'I'm gonna have a kick, but not be unbearably spicy' which was true. This was piled high in it's own skillet which was presented nice as well as the crumbs on top for texture.

Along with all the mac & cheese you could possibly ever want in one sitting you'd find pieces of cod and a few giant shrimp. It was a nice surprise, like as if you were a food paleontologist but devouring your discoveries. I'm all for it.

Next time you're craving something but not sure what, head to Norm's and grab the mac & cheese. Any mac & cheese will do but this was especially wonderful.

You can check out the full menu online as well.

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