We are just three short weeks away from Halloween, and it is time to order costumes. One of the things we depend on to find our Halloween costumes is Google, and they've just released the most Googled costumes of 2019.

Not shockingly the most Googled Halloween outfit is Pennywise from the hit movie "It" that came out recently. That's followed by a witch (I don't think that one will ever go out of style), Spider-Man and dinosaurs ( I am assuming the inflatable ones, but it doesn't specify).

What shocks me is the No. 1 couple costume being Googled is "Lilo and Stitch." That movie isn't even relevant!. After this odd choice comes classics like Bonnie and Clyde, and Adam and Eve.

If dressing up your dog is right up your alley, then you should know, a lot of dogs will be dressed up like Chucky, an Ewok, a Spider Dog or ... Pennywise the clown.

Of course, we are going to talk about baby costumes, too! And coming in the top 5 for these is a banana, Dalmation ('cause why not?), the Grinch and ... Pennywise the clown -- WHY, people? Why would you do this to your poor baby? No. 5 is Stay Puft, and if you are like me and had no idea what this is, it's the big marshmallow thing from "Ghostbusters."

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