Remember a week or so ago, when the air quality in Yakima was rated as HAZARDOUS with a dismal rating of 435 and nobody could breathe? Yeah, me too. The past several days of alternating sunshine, a few showers, and some fresh breezes have been very welcomed indeed.

While I normally am a big fan of as much blue sky and sunshine by day and clear skies by night, the rain has been a nice change from the smoke and haze and if we need a little more wet-stuff to finish the job of clearing out our atmosphere and cleansing our patio furniture from the havoc wrought by smoke and ash - we're going to get it.

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I'd suggest using the umbrella judiciously, however, since the wind is what will figure most prominently in our forecast. The National Weather Service Office is calling for up to 40% chance of rain going into Friday night. No significant rainfall but wind, on the other hand, could be - with gusts of up to 32 miles per hour overnight - and gusts of up to 25 miles per hour at times through the weekend.

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By Sunday, the forecast is back to Mostly Sunny and light winds. Then NOAA says that the final days of September 2020 will be Sunny and mid to upper 70's and by Thursday as we usher in October, we're expecting a high temperature of 82 degrees. Doesn't that sound amazing?!

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