A Colorado woman is being accused of killing a pet in a most unusual manner.

Danielle Blankenship was allegedly smoking heroin and exhaling the fumes from the dangerous drug right into the face of Muffin, her boyfriend's roommate's cat.

While the 21-year old may have believed she was doing the feline a favor, by getting it high, Muffin didn't take to the illicit substance, and passed out cold.

Eventually cops responding to a call that Blankenship also punched her boyfriend in the face found Muffin, who was taken to the local Humane Society for treatment. The vets were able to briefly revive the cat, but it passed later that night.

Blankenship was charged with third-degree assault and misdemeanor animal cruelty. If toxicology reports reveal that the kitty did in fact died from heroin poising, she could face even more charges.

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