Until now the city of Yakima hasn't been interested in supporting or participating in the future regional crime center to be located in Zillah. But that could change after a study session planned by the Yakima City Council on Tuesday. The study session starts at 5:00 pm at Yakima City Hall.

The Yakima Valley Council of Governments will try and convince the city

Officials from the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments will give a presentation to the council hoping to get the city on board in supporting the center funding.
Startup funding for the center comes from $2.8 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding for equipment, staff and training. Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell is now the Chair of the newly formed local crime center operations board.The remainder of the funding for operations will come from cities. How much each pays will be determined by population and obviously Yakima would be the largest contributor of $91,000 for the first year.

Will Yakima agree to help fund the center?

Up until now some city officials, including the Yakima Police Chief have indicated they weren't interested in participating in the lab saying that many of the programs and experts were already in use and being employed by the city of Yakima.
Yakima City Council member Matt Brown says he no longer has any concerns about funding or the operation of the lab.

The council will also talk about two other issues

Also during the study session on Tuesday the council will talk creating a port district or public development authority to help in what the city calls the "betterment" of the North First Street area.
The Yakima City Council will end the study session with a talk about port districts after some council members asked city staff to gather information.
Any kind of talk about a port district would eventually have to be approved by voters.

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