If you are a parent or about to become a parent, listen up!

Yakima was just declared one of the WORST cities in America to raise kids.

Oh yeah? Says who?

So says the analysis team at 24/7 Wall St, which considered factors of child poverty rates, area crime rates, preschool enrollment, school district quality, access to recreational amenities and other factors.

Yakima came in at No. 18.

This article is bullshewt. I take offense to Yakima being called one of the worst places to raise a kid. My child is only 6 years old, but I think I am raising an awesome kid and I keep her busy with activities, sleepovers and schoolwork. I know many people with amazing kids who are thriving and surviving in this city. There are certainly many things about this town that could (and should) be improved, but I know many Yakimanians who were born and raised here, and they turned out all right!

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