Yakima Essential Workers – this is all about you. Will ask a favor of you at the end of this. Here we go…

Earlier this week, I made an online food order for delivery at 6:40 from a place I love that closes at 7:00 pm. I get a call about 5 minutes later from a manager who informs me,  "We're going to make and deliver your order, but even during normal times we usually don't take new orders while we finish up the last ones of the night. So, in the future it would be great if you could order earlier.”

A more than reasonable request.

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I thanked him for the info and told him we could cancel if needs be. He said he would take care of it.

This is where we find the limitations of the app. I've had other restaurant apps straight up tell me we can't handle this right now, BUT, these are different times! This isn't the age old question of whether you can walk into TGI Tuesday's at 8:55 and expect a three-course meal.


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I try hard not to be a jerk. I just know we are in trying times and want to do what I can to minimize an essential employees workload. With this fresh revelation in mind, I am asking the question of Yakima's essential workers -  Restaurants, grocery stores, healthcare workers, medical personnel – here’s our ask - (see what I did there?)

What can we start or stop doing that will help you during this time?

Not asking you to vent as much as we are trying to minimize making your job harder.

So, help us, help you. Reach out an touch us (virtually) on our Free Mobile App!

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