Yakima isn't as unknown as most people think, but whenever it gets mentioned on TV or movies it's always worth noting. iCarly, True Blood and more have dropped Yakima's name in their shows and the most recent to do this is the new Netflix series telling the story of Selena, the tejano-pop singer.

In Season 1: Episode 8, Selena asks her mom when she knew that Dad was 'the one'. She reminisces on when they first met, apparently, in Yakima. She goes on to tell the story of him driving his red convertible. This scene obviously wasn't shot in Yakima, but you can see they at least tried with the hills in the background (those these are a little more jagged than our more round surrounding hills).

It also goes on to show him working on Denny's. They don't mention which one but apparently Selena's dad was a cook there.

Selena's family has roots in the Yakima valley. Her brother AB was even born in Toppenish!

So far there are only 9 episodes with more to go. I won't spoil it but if you know Selena's story, then you'll know how this show will eventually end. I binged it over the weekend and thought it was great.


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