Every so often we'll get visited by people here in the valley to sell us of local events or happenings to look out for. Today we were graced with the energy and style of one Hennessey Rose of Girl Scout Troop 2256 to let us know Girl Scout Cookies would be coming as soon as March.

Though, you are allowed to preorder as soon as literally today.

She wasn't the type to just sit on the curb and let her mom do all the talking, she came busting in through our front doors ready for song and dance to earn your support on grabbing a box of your favorite cookies (or two or thee)

They honestly just stopped in to let us know but Hennessey stole the show singing for anyone who walked by.

I have my own studio I do a lot of work out of. She literally came and knocked on my door like it was Halloween and asked if she could sing me a song about all the great cookies the Girl Scouts have to offer (sung to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Cup). It was adorable, of course.

Girl Scout cookies should be available mid-late March, you'll see more updates as we get closer with not just Hennessey Rose and Troop 2256 but all of the Girl Scouts throughout the valley.

Everyone has their favorite, but I asked what her favorite was. She said her favorite, in full confidence, were the Doso-dos which are a peanut butter cream cookie. Though you can't go wrong with any of them, really.

You can also follow on Facebook for updates on where they'll be to purchase boxes live in person with their troop.

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