Welcome to our iffy weather time of year where it's variable at best. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes warm, sometimes cool. Hard to know how to dress for the day when it starts out crisp and brisk and the same day ends sweltering.

Well, as soon as this weekend, Saturday especially, Yakima Valley is looking at temperatures getting up to the 90s already.


Hot enough for you?

I was looking at the extended forecast there's expected high of 90 degrees as soon as Saturday.

Sunny skies, too. No clouds to offer temporary shade.

If you happen to be doing outdoor activities, find your nearest shade spot (a tree will do) and stay hydrated. Especially in our dry, desert heat.

No, energy drinks don't count as hydration.

That should be the hottest day of the weekend, but it looks like we'll get more 90-degree temperatures next week as well with temperatures right around 90 just about every day next week.

Be prepared.

It is around that time of year where, though we'll have temperatures in the 90s, it could drop back to the lower 80s or upper 70s or still could rain before summer officially hits. Always nice to keep a pair of pants and a jacket handy as a just in case because, as you know, the weather in Yakima can change its mind at a moment's notice.

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