So far no arrest yet in the first killing of 2022 in Yakima. Detectives from the department's Major Crimes Unit continue to investigate the homicide reported on Tuesday, January 11 at the Yakima Inn Hotel on North 1st Street.

Police have yet to identify a suspect in the fatal shooting

Authorities released the name of the victim as 38-year-old Clayton Peter Brown Jr. He died after being shot in a room at the hotel. He was shot in the head. He lived at the hotel at the time of his death.
Capt. Jay Seely says they know people were outside and watched the suspect leave in a red vehicle. But so far no witnesses have called to help police make an arrest.

Police are hoping for someone to come forward and talk

He says detective are still hoping someone will come forward to help police identify the suspect so and arrest can be made. So far the suspect has not been named or located.
Police say they don't believe the shooting was gang related but there's no motive in the murder of  38-year-old Brown Jr.
Anyone with information that may be relevant to this case is urged to contact the Yakima Police Department at 509-575-6200 or by calling 9-1-1. Tips can be also be reported to Yakima County Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-248-9980.

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