Does your family have a special Holiday dish that someone is known for? The kind of Christmas treat that everyone looks forward to receiving each year? Christmas cookies, candies, cakes, or confections that have become a family tradition?

When I was a kid, growing up in our household meant enjoying my Mom's baking, especially this time of year. She was famous among family and friends for her pie baking prowess, nailing the crust, of course, as any pie baker worth their salt will do.

Brian Stephenson

My Mom's cookies - especially holiday versions - were popular too. Candy Cane Sugar Cookies and fudge were perhaps her best-loved and most-consumed in her repertoire. I've always been great at EATING the baked goods -- I'm just not skilled in baking them! That's where my wife saves the day.

For decades now, she's the chief baker in our home and one of her most loved and enjoyed holiday traditions is making scrumptious SPICED RUM CAKE! Unlike your Aunt Gertrude's Fruitcake, which is foisted off to some other poor schmoe as fast as possible and heaven fobid - never consumed.

Brian Stephenson

No, this Spiced Rum Cake is crafted with care. Moist, bursting with flavor, and......Rum. This is the kind of cake that would have Black Beard exclaim 'Yaaarrrrrr' before passing out. I believe she has some secret ingredients that she's not telling me about, but for the ease of sharing ideas with you, she recommended I post this recipe saying it's basicially the same thing.

We don't actually use Bacardi Rum. Recently, we tried the KIRKLAND brand Spiced Rum from Costco and it's really good. I think you have to go with a spiced rum for sure.

Brian Stephenson

Ok, this one had a small slice out of it, because, you know, I had to be sure it was good.

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