Everyone has one. A culinary guilty pleasure. No, not just chocolate or ice cream or junk food or whatever your wife or doctor have told you not to eat. I'm talking about a go-to weird food combination. Something which, if you allow someone to see you consuming it, they're very likely to exclaim: 'Gross'!! What are you eating?!!'

We took to Facebook to ask Yakima: 'What Food Combo Do You Love That Everyone Else Thinks is Weird?' The answers, some surprising, some truly weird, were plentiful and you could really sense a lot of pride in the sharing of these personal food favs.

Well, since I love to try new things and believe it wouldn't be fair for me to dismiss these unusual food combos without at least trying it, I stepped into my home kitchen and gave a couple of them a try. Here's how it went.

Cami Littlejohn says she loves ketchup on mac-n-cheese. That sounded a little off-putting to me but I need to be brave. So I tried it.

Brian Stephenson

Notice how I was careful not to ruin the entire bowl of mac-n-cheese and just squirted a dollop of ketchup on one spoonful. You know what, Cami was right. Tasted pretty good.

Next, I took this one from the Facebook responses and added a twist of my own. It's a Peanut Butter, Mayo, Pickle, Fried Bologna, and BBQ Pringles Sandwich. This was uncharted territory for sure but the sense of adventure was exciting.

Brian Stephenson

I started with a couple of slices of some good deli bread. Slathered one slice with creamy peanut butter and the other with mayo.

Brian Stephenson

I hadn't had fried bologna since I was a kid when one of my friends whose family was from the South introduced me to it. I fried a piece of bologna.......

Brian Stephenson

....then I laid it on top of the mayo side, while adding sliced pickles on the peanut butter side. I even added some BBQ Pringles chips in there for some added crunch.

Brian Stephenson

The verdict? Well, I have to say, I didn't just taste it, I ate the whole thing. It was good. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever make one again, but, yeah, it was tasty. There were some competing flavors going on - the pickles took over the sandwich as they happened to be very tangy dill pickles, the peanut butter offered a sweetness, while the mayo was lost and the fried bologna added some meatiness and the pringles added some crunch.

Sound off and add to the conversation. Perhaps we can add to our own weird food lists.

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