Two of the Top Ten Cities for a Sunday "Funday" are right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Granted, Yakima is not among them, but within driving distance (not counting $5 dollar a gallon gasoline) both Portland and Seattle are destinations that check the most boxes for fun.

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The folks at FashionNova ranked 50 cities around the U.S. to find the best destinations which raises the questions - What qualifies as the components for fun and what might be the Yakima equivalent?

 The Criteria For Fun

The categories are restaurants, booze, entertainment, and transportation. The specifics measurements were:

Restaurants Serving Sunday Brunch (Per 100K)

Number of Breweries & Beer Gardens (Per 100K)

Average Cost of a Cocktail (At Restaurants/Bars)

Number of Music Venues

Number of Barcades

Average Cost of an Uber Ride

Walkability Score

Number of Bikeshare/Scootershare Docking Stations


Where The Hipsters Congregate

So if work or pleasure takes you to Boston or Minneapolis you find yourself in the top 2 Sunday Funday locations but Portland registers at Number #3, just a couple of points behind the leaders.  Sitting at Number #6 is the Emerald City Seattle.

The Top Ten List:

Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Dever, Chicago, St.Louis & Miami.


After careful consideration (all of five seconds) I'll probably take a pass on both Portland and Seattle and will have to conduct my search for my Sunday fun in Yakima...but is that even possible?

The Yakima Comparison

Is there a Sunday Brunch available?  Yes, Cafe 11th Avenue, Apple Tree Restaurant, and others come to mind.  Breweries? Some- check.  Cost of a cocktail - Unsure but Yakima's prices have GOT to be cheaper than the big cities!  Music? No such luck.  Barcades?  Well, there's Drinkin' of now, it's closed on Sundays.  Ubers are real but rare. Walkability - you may be getting the sense that Yakima IS walkable but there aren't that many places to which to walk!  Bikeshare and scooters - nope...recently turned down by City Council.

So...what makes for a Sunday Funday in Yakima?

Great weather, sunshine, excellent local produce, your backyard bar-b-que, Ray's Meats tri-tip steaks, local beer or wine, and a pack of the nicest people on the planet - your friendly neighborhood Yakamanians!

Seattle or may have a lot to offer but we have to put up with a lot to get there and once we are there too.  The grass isn't always greener or the Funday more fun on the other side of the mountains!

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