There have been some cool things in the past to memorialize the passing of a loved one, but now comes the ultimate swan song item. As a radio broadcaster, I'd love to be immortalized on vinyl after I pass and now it's possible ... your ashes can be pressed into a record album.

A company called Andvinyly will now press your ashes into vinyl as a keepsake for your loved ones. I think the coolest thing is that you can leave a message or pick a song list and you get up to 30 copies of your album to give to your survivors.

I can think of all the possibilities, from liner notes to artwork, originals songs or songs that mean a lot to the deceased. I think the options are endless and actually pretty darn cool.

This is an example of what one person would do...

If I were going to do this, I'd draw the artwork for the album (I like to doodle) and I'd write the liner notes. I might even leave recordings of me on the radio for my great-great-grandchildren to hear many years after I had passed.

Voyager Golden Record
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It may seem morbid at face value, but what a great keepsake for your family to have -- photos, liner notes and even your voice saved on a vinyl album.

What would your album include?


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