It's been a little harder to find joy in things recently. I think we can all agree, the world needs MORE of it.  So where do you find joy?  Where do you get away and chill? What does that look like? Would love to hear yours. Here are my escapes...


My Backyard Hammock

Are you kidding?!? You don't have one?!? Get one! Taking a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a breeze with the sun bathing down upon me. You are wrapped up like a cocoon safe and sound. A great way to escape in your own yard. Simply amazing.   

Vinyl, With Scotch

Michael Jackson Is Remembered In New York City

Am a bit of an audio file. I love good sound and great sounding music. On select evenings, I pour a glass of scotch (Macallan, is fav) and sit back and enjoy the music and let it feed my soul via my burgeoning vinyl collection. Some of my favs? Eric Church’s Outsiders,  Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors and the Black Panther Soundtrack. It's pure joy to get lost in music.  


This is something I do often. Just drive. No destination. No plan. Just me, the car and the road. I recently took a midday drive to Naches. Why? Cause I could. It's a great way to leave things behind and clear my head. It's a great time to think objectively and go over any issues I am dealing with. It's basically road therapy.

I LOVE Movies!

Getting lost in a solid story is a great way to find some joy. 'Oceans 11' is my go to film. 'Inglorious Basterds' (yes, that's how Quentin Tarantino spells it), 'The Proposal' with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and 'Step Brothers' with Will Ferrell gets honorable mention. Love the performances in these films. A joy to watch! 

IMG NYFW: The Shows 2019 PARTNERS - February 10
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Coffee and Conversation 

Talking about life, challenges, catching up. I love this. I miss it. Conversations and coffee are like peanut butter and chocolate - it has to happen. Something we all need, just to sit and talk about life, love and the challenges we all face. If you don't have someone in your life to gain this perspective, invite someone to coffee and watch it happen. Its just organic. Zoom just doesn't hold a candle to a real face to face convo. Can't wait to have this opportunity to do this again. 

Find your joy – you not only need it - you deserve it... 

All my Best,

The JimShow


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