We've all been there. You've had a long day and somebody wants to test you.

NSFW in case you haven't seen the below scene ...

I don't recommend ANYBODY doing this, but the following story took place this past Saturday right here in Yakima.

According to the YakTri Cities news story, this past Saturday around 1 p.m. on North First Street, a 30-something gentleman entered the Jack in the Box, ordered food then proceeded to inform the cashier he needed money. He was robbing the place. This is where it gets interesting.

The employee said, "No. Actually what he said was, "You're not robbing ****"

The robber continued to plead his case and the worker basically told him, "Let's take this outside." They didn't. The would-be robber left and was later arrested. Now he is claiming he didn't try to rob anybody. But there are some witnesses.

All around not a good idea, but what a story.

Today is full of puns for me and the credit for this beauty goes to my co-worker Nikki:

You're not jacking this box today!

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