Yakima's Sexiest Male Bartender has finally been crowned!

After winning out in the Morning Bull Pen's vote earlier this month, Darin Nelson seemed a little overwhelmed by all the attention and fanfare during Saturday's official ceremony at McGuire's Irish Restaurant and Pub. He probably would have been content just to be there pouring drinks for his regulars, but the night was all about him.

A special cake and T-shirt, a trophy to hang on the wall at McGuire's, but most importantly a night to share with his girlfriend and family celebrating all of his hard work ... and good looks, of course.

People were pouring in throughout the night -- old friends, teachers and many others from Darin's past, wanting to congratulate him on becoming Yakima's Sexiest Bartender. As Darin accepted the award from Michele Mathews (who'd done a fair amount of research during the selection process), he lifted the trophy above his head and yelled "Top of the mountain!"

Congratulations to Darin Nelson and McGuire's, the next time you're in there, ask for Darin and see if he will make you a "Freaking Portorican." You won't regret it. (Well, you might the next morning.)