BULL-ywood News for Monday October 22nd 2012

#.)  MICHAEL LOHAN showed up at LINDSAY'S house on Friday to supposedly stage some kind of "intervention".  He thinks she relapsed, and is surrounding herself with alcoholics and drug addicts.  But she wouldn't let him in, and she even called the cops.  After they showed up, Michael left.

#.)  The man who shooed MICHAEL LOHAN away from LINDSAY'S house on Friday is her new boyfriend, Josh Chunn.  He's a fitness trainer and former college cheerleader who DOES believe that Lindsay is surrounded by, quote, "a bunch of [eff]-ups."  But he thinks she's moving in the right direction . . . quote, "She's a strong girl.  She's cleaning up.  I just want her to be okay.  I want us to be okay."

#.)  As expected, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL got married Friday in southern Italy.  Andy Samberg, Chris Kirkpatrick, music producer Timbaland and actress Beverley Mitchell were among the guests.  Justin was spotted the next day wearing his wedding ring.

#.)  In the BRITNEY SPEARS defamation trial on Friday, attorneys for Britney and her family say it was her breakup with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE that sent her over the edge.  Then she evened out during the KEVIN FEDERLINE years, only to go mental again after they divorced.  They also said Britney's former manager Sam Lutfi used to hide Britney's dog so he could play the hero by "finding" it for her.

#.)  ADELE has given birth to a baby boy.  There's no word on the exact birth date, or the kid's name.  This is Adele's first child.  She's 24 years old.  The father is Adele's boyfriend Simon Konecki, who has a young daughter from his first marriage.

#.)  CHRISTINA AGUILERA has been offered $3 million to pimp TheBigAndTheBeautiful.com . . . which is a dating website for deliciously CANDY-COATED LADIES.  The site even calls her, quote, "a perfect fit" for the website.

#.)  The porno company Vivid Entertainment has offered KATE GOSSELIN a gig hosting a show on their new channel, VividTV . . . NAKED.  She wouldn't have to be nude all the time . . . but yes, the gig does involve her taking off her clothes now and then.  There's no word if Kate would even consider this.

#.)  TIM TEBOW has trademarked the phrase "Tebowing" . . . mostly so that other people can't make money off his name.  There's no word if HE plans on making money off it himself.

#.)  "Paranormal Activity 4" topped the box office this weekend with $30.2 million . . . but that's a substantial decrease from the $52.6 million that "Paranormal Activity 3" opened to last year.  The week's only other wide release, "Alex Cross", made just $11.8 million in 5th place . . . which is the worst debut ever for a movie starring TYLER PERRY.

#.)  STEPHEN COLBERT will be in one of the "Hobbit" movies.  Apparently, he filmed something during a set visit last year.

#.)  LIAM HEMSWORTH twisted his knee on the set of the "Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire".  Luckily, it was just a minor injury.

#.)  CHEVY CHASE is still being a pain in the neck on the set of "Community".  He dropped the N-WORD during filming on Friday . . . while complaining about how he didn't like how racist his character is becoming.  Sources say he "apologized immediately."  No one has commented publicly on this.

#.)  TOM HANKS inadvertently unleashed an F-BOMB during his appearance on "Good Morning America" on Friday.  He was showing off one of the accents he used in his new movie when he let it slip.  It aired live on the East Coast.  Tom later apologized.

#.)  This will be the FINAL season of the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off "Private Practice".  There are 10 episodes left, including the one airing tomorrow night.

#.)  Surprise!  MADONNA did not remove the fake guns from her show when she performed in Denver . . . just 15 miles away from where the movie theater massacre happened this summer.  Supposedly, some people were so upset they walked out . . . but honestly, they really shouldn't have expected any less, right?

#.)  JASON ALDEAN says he's built his career around winning the Entertainer of the Year award.  He also knows it might be a long shot for that to happen at next month's CMAs because of the bad publicity he got for cheating on his wife with BRITTANY KERR.