Parties are supposed to be fun. But office parties? Well, they can be a little stressful -- especially if you're talking about your spouse's company Christmas party.

You don't want to make your spouse look bad in front of bosses and coworkers, but you also might not want to spend an evening being on your best behavior with a bunch of people you don't know. While they're talking shop and getting increasingly tipsy, you're watching the time and hoping it'll soon be time to go.

It can make for some tense evenings this time of year. Just ask this week's Couples Court plaintiff ...


Dear Rik and Michele:

My husband and I are at an impasse. He insists that I go with him to his company Christmas party this weekend, but I do NOT want to.

It's always the same: We get stuck at a table with a bunch of his coworkers who are polite enough, but who quickly become immersed in work-related discussions I couldn't care less about. My husband gets caught up in the talk and ignores me, and I end up wishing I'd never agreed to come.

If I try to change the subject, he gives me hard looks and pouts in the car on the way home, accusing me of spoiling the conversation.

This year I said enough was enough. I told him he's welcome to go by himself, but I'm not getting dressed up and spending four hours being bored and miserable.

Now he's furious and says he'll look bad if he ends up going alone. He's gone ahead and saved two seats with the RSVP to try to pressure me into going.

Should I cave in or am I justified in drawing the line this time?


Wow -- where do you suppose he works? Sounds like his office parties aren't nearly as much fun as our Couples Court staff get-togethers.

But back to the matter at hand. How do you think Judge Michele should rule on this one?